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Are You Ready To Jam?

Jamberry nail wraps are colorful and fun nail art. Completely free of latex and harsh chemicals, Jamberry wraps last up to two weeks on fingers and up to four weeks on toes. Unlike nail polish, nail wraps won't chip, don't require drying time, and have color combinations and patterns nigh-impossible for simple polish.

Jammers can collect and use a variety of designs—each sheet of nail wraps will do at least two manicures, and more if you're thinking pedicures. New designs are constantly being introduced and old designs are cycling out, and you can even design your own wraps from a photo or make your own colored patterns!

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How about a free sample?

If you give me your address, I'll mail you a sample sheet totally free of charge. You don't even have to pay shipping. No obligation, no hassle—just an awesome little freebie.

Note: I'll send you one of the two sheets in the photo. They aren't complete sets; they're mix'n'match accent nails. I'll also send you a step-by-step how-to so you can apply them quickly and easily.

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Applying Your Jamberry Wrap

How to Jam!

Jamberry nail wraps are super-easy to put on and they last 1-2 weeks, even if you're hard on your hands. That said, it's important to watch the application video and read these tips before applying your first set, as knowing what you're doing beforehand goes a long way towards making your wraps last longer. I've provided a couple application videos, as well as some do's and don'ts.

If this is your first time jamming, I'm gonna tell you straight: it won't be perfect. Just like it takes a person a couple tries before they can paint their nails without getting polish up to the knuckle, Jamberry wraps take a few applications before a Jammer has the process down pat and has zero imperfections. Enjoy yourself and don't stress over flawlessness—ain't nobody perfect!

PS~ It's easier and quicker to get a smooth application with the Jamberry tools, including that handy-dandy little heater. It's not required at all, but if you're going to keep Jamming, you might want to pick up that kit to save yourself some time and effort!

The Basics of Jamming

  • Clean your nails with rubbing alcohol or acetone. Push your cuticle back.
  • Match your nail to the closest size wrap (slightly smaller is better than slightly larger); cut the wrap in half and peel off the backing.
  • Warm the nail wraps with the Jamberry nail heater or a blowdryer for 3-5 seconds. Hold the wrap with a Jamberry orange stick or plastic kebob skewer; touching the wrap with your fingers will desticky it.
  • Place the wrap on your nail without the edges touching your skin or cuticle. Smooth from the center outwards to seal the wrap to your nail.
  • Trim the excess wrap from the edge of your nail. Gently, briefly file straight downwards to seal the wrap to your nail's edge.
  • Warm your wrapped nail with the heater again and keep smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles.

Watch the Jamberry Warm Application Video

Watch the Tougher Than Nails Cold Application Video


Everyone can decorate themselves with art.

Nail wraps and other pretty accessories are not just for ladies. As a genderqueer individual, I'm not a girl; I wear jeans and flannels, have a mohawk and tattoos, keep snakes, ride a motorcycle, and practice martial arts. But I'm also an artist, a writer, a musician, and a designer—I have a definite appreciation for pretty things. And I'm downright tired of people being boxed into "girly" or "macho" extremes of a spectrum that has so much more to offer than just a yes/no checkbox.

So I'm making it my little mission with Jamberry to serve as an example that people who aren't feminine can still like, enjoy, and wear fun shiny things. I know plenty of normal men who wear nail polish, and I see no reason that other men and non-binary individuals like myself should refrain from having fun with art on our fingertips.